The Company


Tejas Perez Garcia S.A was established in 1989, although its founders´ expertise began 25 years earlier, and it has always been linked to the world of clay.


The founders´ origins go hand in hand with the ancient traditions of pottery. Our eagerness to innovate, and optimize our current products using  new technological processes from the beginning but not forgetting to reflect such ancient knowledge in them, is our aim to obtain finished products that show the founders´ professional experience and  their reliability and  high-quality results when making those products.

  As a consequence, our products have become widely distributed in different markets over the years, mainly in Andalucia, our natural market, but also within Spain and in international markets from Portugal, Morocco and Saudi Arab.

We currently keep evolving in order to satisfy the needs demanded in markets as well as to offer our customers durability and high-quality results in each of our products.
  The trust our customers place in us is our motivation to keep improving day by day.  
    Thank you  
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