The process of the raw materials to make final products that comply with all the guarantees of quality, durability, strength, and all the existing regulation, is not easy.

In this process, many factors are involved, such as the choice and the mixing of the best clay for each type of tile, its grinding in mills, the knead, etc. As a consequence, advanced technology is essential. We need leading technology and innovation to increase our productivity and to ensure that the final results meet the high-quality products Tejas Perez Garcia, SA provides to all of them.
  We follow an automated system whereby once the technicians have made the necessary adjustments and elections, no human factor is involved until we get the final product, so there are not any possible failures in the production process, ensuring the reliability of our tiles.  
  Tejas Perez Garcia S.A pays attention to achieving sustainable and environmentally friendly development objectives, by complying the existing regulation and prepared to comply the future one, being beneficial all.  
  Manufacture Process Detail  
  The quality of our tiles is guaranteed, as it has been the result of conscientious studies and checks before we have them available for our customers.  
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